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Websites design and implementation

Have you already a website ?

Has your website been desined to achieve your goal ?

Yes, because "website" is a general term tha inicates the presence

of web pages referencing the  company and that are potentially accessibe from enyone surfing the internet.


After a careful analysis of business needs and objectives that the company

aims to achieive with the site, we design and build websites and

work alongside the customer to monitor their development.

Here some stes that we made:












Software analysis, implementation and customization

We do not just sell software to our customers, but after a careful

analysis of the needs of information management and

organizzation of work, we adapt the system to allow people

to work making the best use of our software and thus

mantaining an high degree of efficiency.


With QlikView business intelligence software that we redeal,

we realize analysis sheets with which users are able to easly get

from the corporate database all the informations they need.




By partnering with the national telephon operator ,

we can offer solutions (so far only for italian customers) for communication

and broadband connections with an excellent price / performance ratio.

In most cases, we offer prices lower than those companies can achieve by other operators.

We can also offer no-cost calls between fixed and mobile (and viceversa) of the same company,

and no-cost calls between sites (although locates in different countries).


Internet Marketing

In a business development perspective, the possibilities that the network offers, to increase the nuber of customers, are growing exponetially.

More and more people, including many companies, are searching on the internet for products and services they need.

Are you able to find your products and / or services to those who are looking for?

We offer advice to be on the web effectively, so you can pick up contacts

with potential customers and / or sell directly online.

Not only that, with our autoresponder service www.postautomatica.com,

we increment lists of e-mail addresses of people interested in your company,

and we allow you to contact them periodically and automatically.


Photographic services

We realize photos and photographic services for website pubblications,

or simply to print professional photo books.